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To make real change, we take a far from standard approach to market research (that’s not us). We have 25 years of solid experience in quantitative and qualitative research to provide you with evidence-based strategic recommendations.

The Guts difference is that we capture real human insights by taking a more human, creative and nuanced approach using immersive techniques that engage participants in creative ways and allow them to share their true thoughts.

Being bold and cutting through to significantly change behaviour requires more than a 50-page research report. It requires one super sharp real human insight.

Real human insights are the holy grail.

It’s about being a good listener to truly understand your audience. Without it, your brand is like that annoying person at parties that just wants to talk.

Not just what they do, but how they think and feel. At Guts, we keep digging and asking why. To go from plain old boring data to a killer insight.

We use a combination of both quantitative and qualitative market research methods to give you killer insights that provide clarity and direction: 

• Focus groups and mini groups - virtual and face-to-face
• Creative and concept testing
• Online surveys  - internal staff surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, category or brand surveys
• Data analysis and analytics
• In-depth interviews  - internal stakeholders, customers, government partners, employees
• Stakeholder mapping
• Campaign evaluation
• Word on the street research
• Observations, modern ethnography or digital immersion
• Trends, competitor & best practice analysis
• Brand health tracking

Meet our Qual Moderators

Kara Sullivan

Creative and fun

Kara has worked on consumer, corporate and B2B brands as well as behavioural change campaigns in her career spanning 20+ years. Her moderation style is approachable yet succinct. She utilises questioning styles that are empathetic and curious. Kara is a senior moderator, able to conduct executive in-depth interviews with CEOs and C-suite members to understand nuanced context in a professional and diplomatic manner.

Ying McKenzie

Strategic and intuitive

Having worked in several Asian countries and Australia, Ying is adept at speaking to people from different cultures. Having sensitivity and cultural competence is an asset that she brings to her facilitation of workshops and moderation of focus group discussions.

Stephanie Moscovis

Warm and welcoming

Steph is an adaptable moderator and comfortable with improvisation. Having a strategic mind, she is able to keep an eye on project objectives yet pivot and follow interesting topics of discussion as they arise. These skills are crucial in semi-structured qualitative research.
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Guts Creative acknowledges the awesome culture and creativity of the traditional custodians of the Country where we work: Awabakal Nation and Worimi Nation. We walk humbly in their footsteps, support the protection of their invaluable knowledge, and are inspired to do better by Elders past and present.
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