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29th September 2022
Brand Strategy Series: What’s An EVP?

What’s an EVP? 

An  EVP (employer value proposition) is your one reason a potential candidate would kill to work for your brand.  The best EVP’s outline what your organisation can offer prospective hires and existing members of the team. Giving them the inside scoop on what your company will be like to work for and what employees and employers can expect from each other in return.   

Being single-minded when it comes to your EVP is key, which is where the majority of organisations go wrong. A shopping list of benefits is not enough to get you noticed. 

Why is it important? The Great Resignation 

An EVP can set you apart from competition and help you win the war for talent and become an employer of choice. Creating a powerful employer brand which clearly articulates your purpose and values is a great place to start.  

But as Claire Gallagher from Principals warns, it needs to be more than just a recruitment tool “Smoke and mirrors won’t cut it and beware of overpromising because, in six to twelve months, the jig will be up.” 

How? Nail the soft stuff! 

At its core, this is what an EVP is. Your corporate values, workplace culture and the perks you offer your people. These are the signals that show why staff should join and why they should stay. 

Get your existing staff involved as well and make them a part of the vision. Your EVP needs to reflect the reality of what it’s like working for your business. And no one knows that day-to-day reality better than them. 

The aim? Attract and keep the best talent! 

Walk the talk 

This needs to be more than lip service. You have to follow through and prove that you are living your values and making a positive difference.  

You can offer your potential and current staff the world, but if you can’t stay true to your word then that’s when the churn will begin. When expectations don’t meet the reality of what you promised it would be like to work for your company. 

Woo your crew 

It’s an employee’s market. 

You need to be offering something over and above your competitors. ‘Flexible working arrangements’ or ‘Free drinks on Friday’ may sound enticing, but it’s not enough. You need to make it tangible. 

Make what you’re offering  relevant and meaningful to potential talent and your existing staff. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver as not only will you be wasting your time, but also potentially damaging your reputation. Yikes! 

Purpose driven people 

Your people want to know that their hard work, energy and occasional sacrifice contribute to something meaningful.  You want people to work for you because they feel valued and want to thrive and do great things together with you.  

Doing good is good for business. 

Who’s doing an awesome job? Cisco. 

EVP: Be you, with us 

Results: named #1 world’s best workplace 2022 

Values: genuinely committed to diversity, mental health and staff wellbeing. 

Hints + tips 

Step 1: Listen to your people (start with research) 

Step 2: Nurture your culture 

Step 3: Live your purpose and values 

Step 4: Define your one reason to work with you 

Avoid being generic and like the rest. 

And how do you know when you’ve nailed your EVP?  

Trust your gut. 


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